The 2013 Growing Season

The 2013 growing season was warm and dry with very low rainfall following the December storms. After several years of having a later bud break, this year was more of a normal year for vines to come out of dormancy (bud break 4/3-4/8). Due to the lack of spring rains, especially in March, water management and ground cultivation was closely monitored and started earlier this year. Early seasons irrigations around bud break combined with early season fertilizers helped push consistent shoot growth throughout the vineyard. Due to the warm spring we saw bloom two weeks earlier than normal (5/15). Weather was perfect during fruit set and the vines set a generous crop allowing us to work with plenty of fruit and gave us the ability to thin the crop load accordingly. The season continued to stay warm during the berry formation and berry ripening periods and harvest started 9/27 in blocks 1 and 3C. Harvest continued until 10/27 and finished in block 2A.