The Wine: 2014


"Opulent, vibrant, onctueux on the palate - this is the definition of pleasure.

Drinking beautifully already with great integration of flavors of rich dark notes, coffee, nutmeg, sage and ripe raspberry -  full of minerality and vibrancy so reminiscent of the site. This wine is more delicate and seductive than the previous vintages.”
Philippe Melka

2014 Napa Growing Season

Another dry year with only 25” rainfall during the growing season

February and March 2014 rainfall was 11 and 17” which saturated the soils before bud break. Overall rainfall was 55% of normal.

Atelier Melka started harvesting sauvignon blanc August 8th in Yountville and finished the harvest in 2014 October 16th in Howell Mountain. Overall, 2014 was one of the earliest harvests, even slightly earlier than 2004 as harvest began August 13th.

Jim Barbour stated about 2014: “ the earliest end of harvest ever - finishing mid October”

Rainfall was very low during the growing season but the events happened at a perfect timing.The temperatures from March to June were 3 to 5 degree higher than normal and so the vines had a strong and fast start resulting of a very healthy canopy, great maturity and large crop.

Growing degree days in 2014 was the highest since 1977:

We had about 7 days above 100F, 2 days in September, the 1st and 12th and 2 days in October , the 5th and 12th. Those warm temperatures resulted high sugar content in the must , similar to the 2013 vintage.

This vintage should be a strong one for Napa in general with the reds having deep color, rich and sweet flavors and strong sophisticated tannins. 

"Spearmint, mountain sage, tarragon, and bright raspberries hang suspended from a blueberry cloud. Stepping forward the wine boldly dances over the palate with blackberry and velvet tannins. The arrival is robust and unmistakable, crisp and even, but teasing further embraces with a moments patience. As the flavors percolate the aromas become more heady, darker, bolder, more unctuous- redoubling it's focus and driving, reaching, striving… There is no mistaking 2014 Zakin Estate for any other wine.”
Sommelier, Augie Kersting, Carbon